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About Us

American TPA is a premier Third Party Administrative services firm focused into Medical TPA and Comp TPA. Our unique Technology + Services combo, cover ABC - Analytics, BPO & Care Management Services. We are committed to save money thus our all-inclusive low PMPM pricing is extremely attractive with our clients. is the first choice for Claims Admin to Customer Care to Compliance for Health Plans & Insurance Carriers.

We understand the end-to-end business workflow and operational / administrative issues faced by Self-funded Health Plan (SFHP), Govt. Sponsored Health Plan (GSHP), Commercial Health Plan (CHP), Blues or Insurance Carriers thus our solutions are prudent and implementable.  We are committed to save money thus our all-inclusive PMPM pricing is extremely attractive for our clients.

Our Clients:

  • Self-funded Health Plans
  • Govt. Sponsored Health Plans
  • Commercial Health Plans
  • Specialty Carve-Out Health Plans
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Life & Annuity Insurance Companies
  • Workers Comp Insurance Companies

Our Services include:

  • Accounting & Revenue Services (ARS)
  • Analytics & Actuarial Services (AAS)
  • Care & Medical Management (CMM)
  • Claims Administration & Adjudication (CAA)
  • Cost Containment & Bill Review (CCBR)
  • Enrollment & Eligibility Services (EES)
  • Member & Provider Services (MPS)
  • Out-of-Network Savings Program (ONSP)
  • Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM)
  • Portal & Dashboard (PnD)
  • PPO Network (PPO)
  • Premium Billing & Financial Services (PBFS)
  • Stop-Loss insurance (SLI)
  • Project Management Services (PMS)

American TPA is built on a simple idea and a belief. An idea that bringing dedicated administration professionals together would create a customer centric firm and a belief that a strong service orientation would be a catalyst for growth. Our clients rely on our ability to integrate with their HR systems, Front-end Systems, Onsite Clinics & Third Party Vendors.

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